Adding Twitter app to your Facebook account

Adding Twitter app to your Facebook account

Social media shortcut for facebook and twitter

If you want to publish your Facebook posts on Twitter at the same time you can use Twitter App for Facebook.

Go to
Click ‘Link to Twitter’ next to your profile / Page you want to link to
Enter Username or Email and Password for your Twitter account
Click on ‘Authorize app’ button
You can choose the post types to share on Twitter
Click ‘Save Changes’

You can edit setting in future by returning to

A couple notes to remember;

  • If you are linking more than 1 Facebook Twitter account in relation, first you need to log out from your Twitter account and repeat the process.
  • The 140-character rule for Twitter applies. However, good news… Twitter changes character limit so that pictures and people’s names will not be added in the 140-character rule.
  • Although Facebook allows you to enter as many as characters you wish, we recommend that they should also be short and punchy. If you want to say more the best practice is to create a Blog Page and use a direct link to access to this page.


If you would like more information or need help with installing, please send a SUPPORT TICKET

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