How to make your Wedding Business Successful

Weddings are mainly seasonal but marketing for a wedding business owner is all year around. If you are one of the many struggling to make a living out of your wedding venture, ask yourself these questions.

  • How many booking had you last year?
  • How many bookings have you this year?
  • How many bookings you already have for next year?
  • How many bookings do you need to give yourself and your business comfort?

The numbers are going to reveal your success rate. But only you are responsible for this. Do not blame the economy, your staff or your competitors. If you are failing to achieve your goals, there is only one more question you need to ask yourself; ‘Are you doing the right marketing?’

Here are some samples of failing business owners.

  • Arrogant business owners who believe they know everything about marketing but don’t have a clue;
  • The ones has a home-made website with confusing content and unprofessional imagery;
  • The ones who thought wedding business could be the way to make easy money and jumped into it without a business plan;
  • And the ones who are very professional in their field, but do not know how to market their service or products.

We are looking for the business owners in the last section; professional but want to learn marketing with the help of a specialist or let a specialist do the marketing for them. We want clever and eager enthusiasts to work with them to make their business success.

How can FX Worx help you?

Firstly, the man behind FX Worx, Aladdin Gulec has been in the wedding industry since early 80’s as a Professional Wedding Photographer. It was times when there was no internet and marketing was through Yellow Pages, Magazines, Printed Local Directories, Wedding fairs. These media still exists but when was the last time you looked up in Yellow Pages? When you want something you look on the internet, you use a search engine; just type in what you want and you find several suppliers. But don’t forget your customers are doing the same. So they are looking for you on the internet. You don’t even need to have business premises, you can work from home and just have a website.  But your customers must find your website first, like what they see, find the information or product easily, and finally, buy from you. Sounds easy, but it is not! Because several other companies may be doing same services or selling same products. So now we are talking about a big competition and customer is free to choose where to buy from. You don’t get that eye-contact or they don’t see your welcoming smile.

This is where FX Worx come in. Firstly we design you a working website and do our best to optimise it for the search engines so customers can find you. But this is not enough. Customers can find you but may prefer to buy from another website which sells the similar product. So you need to be a better marketer than the competitor