copywriting and proofreading for websites exeter devonFX Worx is pleased to be working with Hannah Danson of HD Words, a local copywriter with expertise in writing web content, physical publicity materials, and social media.

Hannah has written everything from five-thousand-word websites to 20-word product descriptions and tweets, as well as blog posts and leaflets. She is also happy to edit and proofread a client’s own text, where it makes sense for them to write it (eg for technical subjects).

HD Words has worked with many small and medium-sized businesses across the South West to help them maximise the impact of their words. With clients in the tourist and bridal industries, food production, the art and craft sector, and a couple of charities, Hannah has experience across a range of areas, and will be happy to discuss your writing requirements.

Please contact Hannah for more information or to get a quote. You can also visit her website at, where you will be able to see examples of her work, and read her blog – mostly about words, and writing.

Why should I use a copywriter? Won’t my words be good enough?

Any business person knows that a combination of factors lead a prospective client to hand over their money for your product, not someone else’s.

A good product, a competitive price, eye-catching photography, a website that attracts and supports rather than hinders, a well-laid-out and well-located shop, friendly customer service – all these are important. And you’re right to spend money getting them as good as you can. However, do you really want your words to be just ‘good enough’?

Words are critical. If your website contains spelling mistakes, grammar errors, unclear language, poorly worded descriptions or long rambling sentences, you risk turning away customers. Using the wrong words to describe your product or business will mean that your potential customers never find your website or shop in the first place. No business can afford that, so it makes sense to pay attention to the words on your website and any online or physical publicity material.