OK… Now you have a website which is looking good and technically targeting your clients and user-friendly. PERFECT !

THE FACT – A website on its own will not increase sales instantly and automatically. There are a number of essentials needed to make a website work for a business. For our clients’ convenience, we offer these services under one roof, making branding affordable for them.

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

To drive more traffic to a website, a technical process is needed and this is called SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. This task must be carried out within Google guidelines and must be monitored constantly. Good rankings on search engines depend on several factors and the most important is having high-quality content. Here at FX Worx, we are the experts. Once we publish your website we will create reports on ‘how well’ we have optimised your website and try to get the best results. This does not mean that your website will show on the first page of search engines instantly. It takes time, creativity and technical skills.

  • E-mail Marketing

Many business owners make a big mistake by sending out unsolicited emails randomly to any email they can get hold of. This will not increase sales, only annoy people. Your emails will get deleted and possibly your email will be marked as spam. There are right ways of asking people to sign up to your newsletters, and sending valuable information to your subscribers. We can train one of your employees or run periodical newsletter programs for you.

  • PPC – Pay Per Click Campaigns

When your website is newly published it may take some time to optimise it for the search engines. Google’s PPC Campaigns can help your website’s visibility in the ads section, which is at the top of any search someone makes . This is not free and can be costly if used incorrectly. We can train one of your colleagues or run AdWord campaigns for you against your set budget. PPC campaigns are additional service and long term, depending on your product. Returns from PPC campaigns are measurable and if it works for your business, we recommend you to continue.

  • Domains/Hosting

A domain should be purchased and renewed by the owner of the business. For our busy customers, we register domains and renew them on their behalf, and this is free of charge apart from the cost of purchasing and renewing a domain.

We provide website hosting only for customers who have purchased website design service. Our fast servers are located at London Data Centre with a backup in Amsterdam. Your data is always safe.

  • Graphic Design

Another way of telling your potential customers about your website is printed media. Your business cards, price lists, leaflets or brochures should have your website address as well as your email contacts. We provide design and print management service for all branding. We also create or renew company logos. Ask for a quotation 01392 463 023

  • Commercial Photography and Video

It is important that images on your website or printed leaflets/ brochures look professional. Consumers first look at the images and if they like what they see they will show interest. Video presentation recently became a fashion. This is why! The internet has become too busy and people have no time to read. However, a 30-60 second video or animation can reveal your service or product in detail. People won’t watch for long – the maximum is about 3 minutes. We can provide you with high standard photography, video or animation for your business, to keep your audience longer on your website and lead them to purchase.