Smarter Words for your Business

Smarter Words for your Business


When it comes to writing about you, what you do and benefits of your service or product, it always seems to take forever. It’s because you want to say everything. You may need to condense or edit what you want to say, as well as putting your words in such a way that your story reads well. Your key points need to be bulleted and clearly explained, in language that will speak to your intended audience. Typos and mistakes in your English will make your customers think that you don’t care about small details, and you should be talking less about yourself and more about clients. The benefits of your service and products are their interest.

Your client wants to read ‘we can do this for you’, more than ‘we are brilliant’.

The first key element to grab your visitors on your website is imagery. So you need the best eye-catching artwork, video or animation to show what you do, but your prospects will want more information. This is where the words come into play. You can easily lose clients at this point. No matter how good you are with language, it is an art to put your words in order, with a Call-to-Action sentence at the end. And get the grammar right! Just adding a comma in a sentence can change the whole meaning of what you are trying to say.

The classic example is the title of Lynn Truss’s book about grammar ‘Eats, shoots and leaves’. A panda ‘eats shoots and leaves’, rather than bringing out a gun!

That’s when you need professionals. Even though a professional copywriter may have limited knowledge of your business field, he/she can organise your original text content for your website to read well (and translate into non-industry language if necessary), as well as proofreading. Alternatively, they can write from scratch by listening to the information you give them about you and your business.

website copywriting exeter devonAt FX Worx, we are delighted to introduce a very experienced Copywriter and Proofreader. Hannah Danson of HD Words has united with us to help our customers with contents of their website or printed media. Checkout the HD Words website for more information and samples of work.

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