Online web shop for RC Octane

Online shop for Radio Controlled cars for a Dunkeswell company near Honiton. The website is responsive and SSL Certified for secure shopping experience.

The Challenge

FX Worx was hired by Mr John Finch to build an online e-commerce website for RC Octane to replace a neglected existing website which was not bringing enough sales. Mr Finch also was keen to learn how to update the categories and products section to do most of the updates in-house and have the full control of the new website. This is the best recommended practice to run an online store as the work can be carried out without any delays. We were commissioned to build the new website and train John and the staff of RC Octane. Training would take place at their premises, and time slots were arranged.

As products of RC Octane (Radio Controlled Cars) are an interesting and exhilarating hobby with a wide range of demographics targeting men and women aged 5 to 55+ nationally and internationally, John needed advice on promoting his business online and offline. This is where FX Worx differentiate against many other website design companies; we build a website and we help our customers to promote their websites. A website on its own will not bring in business, as many business owners expect. You need to drive people to your website, and not just any people, you need quality visitors who possibly would buy from you.

The Solution

We have completed the structure of a website on our test server and have also added sample categories and products. As John was a very keen and quick learner who already had basic computer skills, it did not take long for him to understand how to manage the website. Once he added several categories and products, we were ready to go live. While the website was running smoothly John continued to add more products, and now thousands of Radio Controlled Cars and parts are on the website available for sale.

We also discussed how to promote the website for existing and new customers. One of the most important and cost effective method was Social Media. So John has hired us once more for us to explain to him how to use Social Media for his business. With our advice, John also started to go to Racing Meetings as a Sponsored Supplier and as well as selling from his stand on these meetings, he learned how to promote his website to the guests of the meetings, so they could purchase online too. We have mentioned to John to have a Racing Track of his own where he can organise meetings, and he did. Printed leaflets, T-shirts and signs he takes to these meetings have his website address clearly showing.

Kind Words From John Finch

RC Octane Retail Shop

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